About Us

About Us

Life Magzine is a fashion and life magazine focused on covering all kinds of fashion, events and news from all over the world.

We tried our best to give you all the information about latest fashion, makeup trends, home remedies, latest news as soon as possible. We also provide all kinds of clothes from different brands which are famous on all over the world.

Life Magzine writers are experts on their respective subject matter and all posts go through accurate checks by experienced editors to ensure that you are getting the best out of every read.

Our lists are not based on our personal opinions or driven by sponsorships. Instead, we collect and aggregate data from the sources you trust, including magazines, blogs, and social media, to rank the ten best based on popularity, quality and buzz.

We started in 2017 as a blog lifemagzine.com and now it has grown into an international makeup, beauty and wellness, latest news and fashion community.  We are a team of two members having goals to spread useful information around the globe and we’ll make ensure that the current affairs will deliver to you time to time.

Meet the Team: Rukhsar-Ur-Rehman & Kanza Mir

We are an IT graduates and SEO specialist and above all we’re friends since grade 5, running two websites and provide you all with latest information. Both are doing office jobs plus running two amazing websites alongside. We want to do more and more in our field with new experiences and experiments.

Our dream is to take Life Magzine to the highest possible height and to continue working here because this is where our passion and hearts are.

About Us

Please feel free let us know if you have any objection or complaint regarding to the content or information which is posted on our website “Life Magzine”. You can email us at info@lifemagzine.com.

Life Magzine always encourages its viewers to share the suggestion and improvement that is in your mind. We give you benefits if your suggestions will be shortlisted by our team.