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Look Fabulous will help you gain an understanding of what hairstyles will suit your face shape best and which styles you should be avoiding. We will help you select hairstyles that are bang on trend for 2017 and styles that will complement your face shape, features and your lifestyle to have you looking and feeling fabulous about your style every day. Thinking of a new hairstyle, changing your hair length or color? The hairstyle makeover tool below will help you choose which styles will suit you the best. Writing about hair and hairstyles is something that always seemed more difficult to me than other kinds of physical description for a character. And there will always be a point, as a writer where you’ll have to describe what your character’s hair look like, no matter if it’s always like this or for a special occasion. Pick a hairstyle that best matches your age and facial structure and before you decide on a new hair color, talk with your stylist to determine if it would be right for you

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