healthy food is essential to life
Food is essential for life so make it good.


As you all know, healthy food is essential to life. Keep aware that the food we are used for eating as well as for cooking should be cleaned properly.Now a days there are million of restaurants in the world that offer plenty of unhealthy food.They don’t even bother to wash the things they are used for baking and cooking. Excessive use of junk food can cause a lot of chronic health diseases like cancer, blood pressure, diabetes, early aging, and digestive problems which can even lead to death. Junk food also exploits our immune system. Junk food contains plenty of fats and it lacks most of the essential nutrients like proteins and vitamins.

I can’t control everything in my life but I can control what I put in my body.

Everybody in this world is craving for junk food. Junk food looks so attractive and yummy No one denies to eat junk food because it appeals everyone eyes and heart. The smell of fast food lingers more than the smell of other foods. Though it tempts people heart. But increase following levels in our blood:

  • Cholesterol level.
  • Diabetes level.
  • Weight gain.

The best solution is that if you like junk food and can’t stop yourself from eating it.Try to make your own junk food like burgers (cut chicken in cubes add vinegar, salt, and crushed green chilies in it to enjoy inner taste then use some oil to fry chicken cubes. Add lettuce, cheese, and sauce to make layers in it), nuggets, hot wings and much more at home. It might take some time and effort to make healthy food. But there is no competition of homemade products.

By: Anib