Important Apps that Can Save Your Life in Case of an Emergency

Important Apps that Can Save Your Life in Case of an Emergency

Useful Apps that Can Save Your Life in Case of an Emergency

Useful Apps that Can Save Your Life in Case of an Emergency, So Let’s be honest, we are all addicted to our phones, and turn to them for everything. We’re always looking for apps for productivity. Whether it’s to send email, design your perfect home or to keep up with the latest gossip, smartphones have an app for everything you could ever wish for, in case you ever find yourself in an emergency, it’s better to be prepared. So, that’s why we’re sharing our list of apps for productivity not just at work but in your whole life.

My cell phone is my best friend. It’s my lifeline to the outside world –
Carrie Underwood

Here are 5 apps that can save your life in case of an emergency:

Silent Beacon: Emergency Alert System

Silent Beacon: Emergency Alert System

This amazing application is available for both iOS and Android, is described by its makers as “the emergency alert system for the digital age.”. It is an easy, straightforward and a free app that uses GPS-tracking to send your location to a custom set of contact or emergency services, through a “distress message.”

This troubled message can be sent via means of customizable text, email or a push notification with a touch of the app’s button during emergencies when the beacon is activated. A “Nudge” feature is also included to notify your contacts to stand by for any incoming alert, for example, if you’re in an area you don’t feel comfortable visiting. It conveys a message and your location via textual content notification in a jiffy. You never know that it might be sufficient to save you from trouble one day.

For an even quicker way to send out a Silent Beacon alert, they sell a separate wearable device that has all the functions of the app built-in.Simply connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth and can send out a distress signal even with your phone in your pocket.This is one of best apps that can save your life in case of an emergency.

Kitestring: SMS based safety alert system

Kitestring: SMS based safety alert system


Here is another app which is very useful and easy. If you don’t have an iPhone or simply don’t like the way Bugle works, you can also use Kitestring. This service can be used on any phone with text messaging. Kitestring will check up on you when you’re out and alert friends if you don’t respond.

You can give Kitestring a heads up every time you’re going out at night, meeting up with a stranger or taking a trip out of town. Kitestring will then check up on you with a simple message, but if you don’t text back it’ll alert you, friends. So, make sure you don’t fall asleep or let your phone die, otherwise, your family and friends will be worried sick.

Kitestring is a good option since it’s free and its novel way of checking on you instead of you sending out a signal is something that other alert systems don’t have. It lacks any location sending feature but it’s good to use in a pinch.

Red Panic Button

Red Panic Button

Another App that can save your life in case of an emergency is the Red Panic Button. This app can send an emergency message to an email or number with a press of a button. You can present, an emergency message and contact and if you ever press the button, the app will send that person an alert with your location. Red Panic Button is GPS based.

Family locator

Family Locator

Family Locator by Life360 basically works as a tracker. This location-sharing app keeps a record of friends and family and places them on a map so everyone knows where they, are at any given time. Of course, users within these “Circles” can turn off their location-sharing feature at will.

This app can be very helpful when traveling or roaming unfamiliar places. Family members can send automatic alerts to their Circles when they arrive, at their destination or they leave a certain place. They can also message each other and share to-do lists.

Natural disaster Monitor

Natural Disaster Monitor

Sometimes Mother Nature is the one who puts you in danger. This app monitors natural disasters around the world and plots them on a Google map so you can identify them quicker. Natural Disaster Monitor, in particular, gives you early warning of “active hazards” around the world. Therefore, the app will notify you of storms, volcanos, wildfire, earthquakes, floods and even droughts.If you have an iPhone you can use Disaster Alert instead.

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