Jimmy Kimmel marks Donald Trump’s ‘2,000th lies’ in documentary

Jimmy Kimmel marks Donald Trump's '2,000th lies' in documentary

J.K celebrates Trump’s ‘2,000th lies’ with the stirring documentary, Pants Of Fire

So, yeah you heard it right Donald Trump has, yet again, not had a good week. A very talented TV host Jimmy Kimmel compiled a hilarious video to show the ‘2,000th lies’ of US President Donald Trump over the past one year. This week on Wednesday host Kimmel was live with Trump. After spending his monologue taking his usual shots at another day of Donald Trump’s misleading nonsense. He put it earlier in the monologue “saying intentionally false things while money flows into his bank account” is literally Trump’s métier. Kimmel then introduced the “mini-documentary” Pants Of Fire: The Road To 2000 Lies.

“Before Trump puts together these new libel laws in place, I just want to say, Donald Trump is the illegitimate love child of a racist manatee and a deflated balloon. Donald Trump set fire to the Hindenburg and once told me on the record he enjoyed the movie ‘Suicide Squad.’ See you in court.” — STEPHEN COLBERT

Documentary, Pants Of Fire

Jimmy marks Donald Trump's '2,000th lies'

Jimmy Kimmel made sure to memorialize the occasion on his late night show, noting: “So happy Lie2K, everybody. The Two thousand lies in 11 months. Trump is averaging 5.6 false claims a day. Considering the fact he’s only working about 2.6 hours a day.” Truly impressive in very worst of  ways.

Watch the video below

The Political fact numbers were off the charts,” said one commentator of mid-2017 dishonesty tear. Before marking off such milestones in mendacity as his denunciation of a non-existent Swedish terrorist attack (lie #519), claim that President Obama wiretapped Trump Tower (#768). And the complete pile of horseshit that he had signed more bills into law than any president ever (#1228). The commentator concluded that Trump’s massive achievement truly proves what a person can do with “a total lack of shame, an unlimited capacity for bullshit” and, naturally, “pants of fire.” Even should Trump’s career be cut short because of… you know… those are some Hall of Fame bullshit stats.

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