Amazing Oily Skin Makeup Tips that will make your Makeup Last Longer

Oily Skin Makeup Tips
Oily Skin Makeup Tips

Makeup Tips that will make your Makeup Last Longer

Oily skin – may seem harmless to people but for us girls, it’s a curse. Oily skin makeup tips are necessary to know because when makeup will slip off from your face and it will enjoy this as much as a child enjoys a slide. After hours and hours of doing an effort to look perfect in pictures, you will look a greasy mess in no time. And not to mention those horrible pimples that get a beforehand invitation of an important event. It doesn’t matter whether you attend that event or not pimples will be there even before you make up your mind. To make this much clear let’s give you an example, pimples are like America before you came to know the fact that your face is oily America will attack to claim it.

Oily skin

When I wake up in the morning, I like to refresh myself and put some tonic on – one with vitamin C – and then an oxygen cream with vitamins A, C, and E. That’s very important to me so that my skin will stay moisturized throughout the day – Melania Trump

What causes oily skin

Underneath your skin is your sebaceous glands. These glands are tasked with the job of protecting your skin with natural lubrication called sebum (just a fancy word for oil). The sebaceous glands operate normally and add just a thin layer of oil to protect the skin. Androgens are male hormones present in both males and females that signal the maturation of the skin’s sebaceous glands. As these glands mature, oil production increases.

What causes oily skin

Be careful to not over wash your face, as this can excessively over dry your skin, cause excess oil production and breakouts. Your skin has a certain level of oil required to maintain its pH balance and homeostasis. When this is broken, your sebaceous glands go into overdrive, creating excess oil to bring everything back into balance.

Whether your oil abundance is caused by genetics, seasonal or hormonal changes, or simply stress, the key is to control all that sebum without drying skin so much that it overcompensates.

Makeup tips for oily skin

There are plenty of ways to deal with oily skin in which includes going to a dermatologist, home remedies or using the expensive products. But whatever you choose will take time and now-a-days nobody has that so we go for the quick fix that is makeup.

Preparing your skin

Preparing your skin - get rid of Oily skin

Before applying any makeup you need to clean your face thoroughly, this is the best Oily skin makeup tips because it will get rid of the excess oil and give a clear surface, to begin with. You should use products specially formulated for oily skin. You can’t use products with harsh chemicals as it will cause more oil and make the matter worse. Try not to over wash your face as it will dry out your skin giving signals to your sebaceous glands to produce more sebum.

Use a primer 

Use a primer get rid of Oily skin

Always use a primer as it acts as a barrier between your skin and makeup so it won’t clog your pores and it always helps the foundation to stay on your skin longer.

Apply the primer on the oily areas of your face especially T-Zone that consists of forehead, nose, and chin. Be sure that the primer you are using is oil free.



Use Foundation for oily skin

Use Foundation for oily skin

Be more vigilant in choosing your foundation as your makeup depends on your foundation.  Before you purchase foundation, read the label carefully—make sure the product is oil-free, mattifying, and noncomedogenic (will not clog your pores). Don’t just go and pick any, make sure that it’s best for your skin type it may take time and effort but I assure you it’s worth it.

Powder base foundations are preferable for oily skin as it less likely to melt off from your face and give a matte finish. Cream and stick foundations can be used as it blends well with oily skin. You can also use water-based liquid foundation if you like.

Apply powder to set

Apply powder to set for oily skin

Give a finishing touch to everything you have done so far by applying compact powder. It will give a matte look and helps absorb the excess oil. Don’t overdo it as many of us do. Use a translucent powder as it gives a more natural look and blends well with your skin tone.

Use Setting spray

Use Setting spray for oily skin

If you still think your makeup will betray you should try makeup setting spray. Makeup Setting Spray will add longevity to your finished look. Skin oil is notorious for dissolving foundation, leaving you with a sticky, oily mess – especially during hot, humid summer weather. It works the same way as hairspray works on the hair. It helps to keep everything in place. Just be sure to avoid any setting spray labeled “dewy” or “water-based” which will cause your makeup to look sticky.

Blotting Paper

Blotting Paper for oily skinWe should prepare for every situation so here’s an extra tip that is to carry bloating paper as you never know when your skin decides to go savage. It’s a paper that soaks the excess oil that comes on your face. It’s simple to use just dab and press this paper on the oily area and it will do the job. If you don’t  have it, no need to worry at all.You can easily find these paper in the nearest markets.By using it once you will see the magical results.


Go oil-free.

Go oil-free get rid of Oily skin

We all are well known about the fact that our skin naturally produces more than enough oil, So why not invest in makeup products (especially foundation and blush) that are oil-free and noncomedogenic, which means they don’t clog your pores.  You can also, use face cleansers and toners that are infused with glycolic acids, which cut down on excess oil.

Just because you’ve got oily skin, that doesn’t mean you have to forever forego makeup. It’s a matter of knowing what works with your skin type. No one knows your skin better than you. Not all oily skins can be treated equally so you need to be more open towards experimenting, to know what works best for you.


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